Maritime Territorial Issues Research Program

Maritime Territorial Issues Research Program

Philippine national borders are all maritime in nature and face serious challenges as such. Dedicated research needs to be undertaken with respect to distinct border areas which have yet to be subject to final maritime boundary delimitations, both in terms of how to manage activities in those areas, and in preparation for possible maritime boundary settlement in the future. The Program’s initial and urgent task is to assemble prospective multi-purpose research for each and every one of the country’s maritime boundary areas, as well as for specific sectors or marine resource use activities, so as to create baseline reference materials for use by government and the public. The institute will co-operate jointly with other institutions and agencies in order to provide the best independent, impartial, and sound advice on how to properly address maritime territorial issues.


Maritime Industry Law Reform Program

The country’s archaic maritime laws have long been the subject of criticism from within the industry, but proposed legislation has been few and far between. For an archipelago, the development of maritime law, including laws on marine resources, is of vital national interest. The maritime economy is an important, but often neglected, contributor to the country’s overall economic growth. The Program will address the need for reforms in the highly specialized bodies of law concerning the vital maritime industries, primarily shipping and fishing, as well as its ancillary sectors such coastal infrastructure development, coastal tourism, and coastal environmental management and protection. It will support legislative and regulatory reforms that will help enable better governance of our different maritime sectors, as well as our many coastal cities and municipalities.


Maritime Affairs Symposium Series

The Institute will hold at least two major symposia annually, as well as occasional seminars, roundtable discussions, and “brown bag” talks, to discuss specific maritime issues and discuss policy options and responses. This would also provide a regular venue for networking and updating on current affairs in the various maritime fields.